The journey begins…

A little about us…

We have been friends since forever! We played soccer together, went to the same sports boarding school, after that, we went to college together, worked together, started surfing and traveling together until we graduated. After graduation, constant travel has distanced us from surfing and traveling together for a couple of years.

During a quick visit to my home in Puerto Rico (yeah, I live where you vacation!) we finally went together for a quick summer surf. One of the days we went surfing while I was visiting, we came to the idea of sharing our travel experiences with other people who want to travel to surf. In our opinion, traveling has opened our hearts and soul to see the world and all of its beauty. We think that sharing our adventures enriches other’s desire to discover, dare and experience… however you want to call it, just go for it.

We are here to share every exciting and not so exciting moment while traveling and surfing. We will also talk about everything that has worked for us while on our surf trips, from surf gear, bikinis, boards, bags, food, hostels…. everything! So stay posted!



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