Inspiration…Do you have it?

When you love something everything becomes and inspiration. And when it comes to surfing we’re talking about love at first sight. Starting to surf is like being 5 years old and getting that toy you really really wanted only that with surfing it never gets old and that’s the feeling you get every time you surf.
Good thing about surfing is that you only need a board and the desire to do it. With time sometimes we get judgemental over waves and conditions, but hey…surf is surf and I promise you won’t regret going for a quick paddle. It may end up being the best surf…yet

So, inspiration? IS SURFING! That’s inspirational enough. But really: you workout; you feel emotionally, physically and mentally better (that’s a fact); you meet new people; you get to go to the ocean and interact with the big Mother Nature. But biggest inspirations of all should be you, why? Because surfing = happiness


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