Gangs can’t surf!

Ever dreamt about traveling to empty lineups with amazing tropical backgrounds, drinking fresh coconut water for .25 cents and surfing with friendly locals and relax like a queen for half the price of any other surf destination?

When thinking about surf destinations, women are usually given the advice of going to safe and touristic dense places such as Costa Rica (which is simply breathtaking) . We believe that if you have this mindset you are really missing out  on some amazing  places off the beaten path.

There is a small country with everything you want for a surf trip and more…We cant get enough of this place. Our only advice now is to disregard every negative comment you have been told about traveling to Central America, and in this case, El Salvador. You should try and see for your self. I hope this article will spike your curiosity of trying Central America and will help you to make the most out of your adventure!

3 reasons to go on a surf trip to El Salvador

1. Gangs can’t surf!

It is already known that El Salvador is categorized as one of the most dangerous countries in the world and San Salvador as one of the most violent cities in the world. As saddening as this information can be, the reality of tourists in the country is very different to the violence Salvadorans can be exposed to day to day. Hey! Gang’s can’t surf! They are usually not even in the areas and surf towns tourist are in. They are not even interested in bothering tourists, they make money out of extorsions made to local people and businesses (this is so sickening to me).

I have been traveling and living on and off in this awesome country for more than 4 years and I just can’t get enough questions about security in El Salvador. Almost everyone that knows I have been in there ask me the same thing; “Isn’t that place extremely dangerous? Why do you keep going there?” We’ll I’m certainly going back for a reason! It is paradise


2. Uncrowded line ups and consistent waves year-round.


El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, however it has many incredible series of world-class rights that break for several hundred yards. And if you’re a little bit adventurous, you can enjoy a good number of breaks with only a handful of surfers in the lineup. The best news is that even though it is such a small country, it has miles and miles of uncrowded surf spots for you to choose from. You will definitely get spoiled the minute you jump in the water and catch wave after wave after wave with only a couple of surfers around you and an amazing scenery with cliffs and mountains in the background.

El Salvador is also well-known for its very consistent waves. I will talk about two seasons you can choose to come to El Salvador. One of them is the wet season which is between March and October. During the wet season, when the biggest surf arrives from the Southern Hemisphere, is the time where most intermediate and experienced surfers come to the country to surf. If you’re traveling in mid-July expect to see the surf at some of the points occasionally grow to 15 feet…and hold. During the dry season, November through March, you can also surf smaller waves in the 3- to 6-foot range. This is the perfect season for beginners and intermediate surfers to enjoy small but consistent waves.  Year-round the water temperature is between 80 and 85 degrees so you will feel you are in tropical paradise!

   3. Magical sunsets in El Tunco Surf Town

Sunsets are incredible in any part of the country. However, one of my favorite spots to enjoy El Salvador’s magical sunsets is this little gem in the coast line.  The energy felt around sunsets is amazing. Tourists and locals, all gather around the beach walkway to experience this colorful event while listening to music and watching all of the surfers cruising down the sunset colored waves. Sunset time is one of my favorite times of the day in El Tunco.

The surf is very consistent and for all levels, having two different breaks, a rocky pointbreak named Sunzal and a rivermouth with left and rights named Bocana. El Tunco is a two street town full amazing restaurants, hotels and bars, very popular for the live music parties during the weekends.El Tunco is full of restaurants, cafes and bars, and there is food for all budgets.  There are many small family businesses that offer seafood and fried fish at low prices.

The beach is well known for its parties every weekend and there is live music from different genres: from rock concerts, reggae and salsa. El Tunco has several bars and restaurants, among them “LaGuitarra”, with a bohemian and relaxed atmosphere, Blu Bar, where the party is nonstop, with music and drinks until dawn. Depending on what your preferences are, you definitely have plenty of options. You can choose between relaxed and layed back surf spots and beaches, to touristy party towns like El Tunco.

4. Pupusas, and seafood!

I never thought that such a simple food could be so delicious! Besides it is such a pocket friendly, breakfast, lunch or dinner option, it really has an addictive flavor to it. It doesn’t get more Salvadoran than a plate of fresh, hot pupusas—fried corn flour filled with beans, cheese, and other ingredients such as zuccini,pork, garlic and  topped of with curtido (pickled cabbage) and spicy tomato sauce.

I have eaten more seafood in El Salvador El Salvador than in my entire life. Thanks to the country’s long coastline, fresh seafood is a must to eat, everywhere, all the time!  La Libertad has a wonderful seafood market that extends all the way out onto the pier.  In almost every beach you can find fishermen selling the catch-of-the-day right off their boats.

5. You get so much more for your money

El Salvador is paradise not only because of its amazing beaches, people, food or surf but because you experience all of that with half the money you would need to go anywhere else. I have known many tourists that go to El Salvador expecting to stay for a couple of weeks and end up staying months because they fall in love with the country and have not yet spent nearly half of what they thought they would.

If you ever decide to go on a surf trip  to El Salvador you will definitely be going back more than once, for these reasons and many more you will find out for your self!





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