The magic about Surf Camps

I’m pretty sure that wherever you choose to do your surf trip you can find a surf camp. There are surf camps all around the world for all types of surfers. When you go to a new country the best way to get to know the place and the waves is to stay in a surf camp. Not to mention all the people that you will meet, people who will potentially be you next surf pals. There is no wrong way to do a surf trip, either you find your own way (but that is mostly for endless travelers) or go straight to where the source is (surf camps). The truth is the vibes on a surf camp are always so mellow and laid back. Now, my only advice: Find one with a few hammocks.

Here are a few that TroppoSurf has visited, tried, love and even work:

Chica Brava:
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
This is an all women surf camp. Around SJDS you will find everything you need: good food, good shopping (checkout Auric store) and you will definitely find the best waves around. Chica Brava will not only take to the best lineups but it’ll make you the queen of the pick. The packages include food, surf, accommodation and yoga. Check the chicas website for more information

Salada suf camp:
El Salvador
Salada is an all women surf camp located in the land of the rights, El Salvador. Here you will get to not only holiday on a heavenly place but you will get to improve your surfing with perfect waves every day. You will go and surf around the best spots of El Salvador and practice yoga to stretch out those surfing muscles that will definitely need stretching. Want more info? Check out:

Barefoot Surf Travel:
All around the world…
This amazing company from Canada has different locations in only the best surfing countries around the world: Indonesia, Nicaragua and Ecuador (so far). They make sure they have the local knowledge to only surf the best spots. With Barefoot you will walk around town like you’ve been there forever. The people who are part of this company will make you feel like family in no time. Check them out:

Stoke Travel Van Surfari
Spain and France
If you are more of a van kind of person and want to explore European waves then I recommend Stoke Travel. They do an unforgettable trip through the Basque country. You will camp and drive around Spain and France living the search for waves. Finding empty line-ups and delicious food along the way, it will be the trip of a lifetime. Find more information:


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