5 travel tips for every girl’s surf trip

Surf trips, to me, are one of the most important things I will do in the whole year. Some are very well planned, others are just better to enjoy spontaneously.
However, there are a couple of things I always take into consideration when traveling for surf.

1. Surf board!

It’s so important to bring the right boards for your surf trips. It can make a world of a difference!
“The key to good surfing is tied to finding your personal magic volume and dimensions”.
Volume is something that a lot of shapers are tallking about these days. Finding the right volume in your board is essential to finding the right board.” Always have in mind your weight and current skills. I definitely recommend you always take more than one board. I do not recommend you take new boards unless you have another one, you know works for you.

2 Research some info about the breaks you are surfing.

Before traveling, read some information about the waves, tides, currents and swells of you destination breaks so you can be prepared with the right boards to get the most out of your surf. If you are taking a board for smaller waves and did not notice a swell was hitting, you will probably feel uncomfortable on the waves. I have had a couple of “not so good” experiences at the beginning because I was not aware of the conditions or types of breaks I was going to surf! I personally love reading Lonely planet guides but for a surf trip I definitely enjoyed The World Stormrider Guide, Vol. 3 (Stormrider Surf Guides). They also have guides for many countries, with very useful info.

3. Surf Camps are a good option for beginners!

If you love traveling and just started surfing in your home breaks and wanted to have the amazing experience of surfing in another country, I would totally say “go for it”. However, you should know that every surf spot around the world is different from the other and they all have their particular ways to be surfed. This is why it is always better for beginner or experienced surfers to connect with a surf camp so they can provide you with the best knowledge and service so you can get out the most of your surf trip. You can take a guided surf tour for a couple of days so you can get to know the wave, currents etc and if you feel confident afterwards, you can keep going on your own. This is also a great way to go on a hassle free trip since camps usually provide everything, from food to accommodations.
Read our last post about surf camps: The magic about Surf Camps

4. Please, please please, pack a first aid kit!


This is a no brainer. Bring a First Aid Only All-purpose First Aid Kit, Soft Case (131 Piece) for you and a ding repair for your board. Surf breaks with rock or reef bottom usually leave some souvenirs on our bodies and your boards, so be advised! Take some insect repellent while you are at it! Mosquitoes can be such a pain!

5. Bring spare fins, leashes, boards, bikinis, everything!

Girls, you never know when your equipment might fail you so be prepared. Take an extra of everything, from boards, sunscreen, rash guards, sun glasses, fins, to leashes. It is better to be covered on all ends. I can’t even remember the amount of stuff I have lost during surf trips, so now I try to pack in pairs because I know eventually something breaks orΒ  goes missing.
Remember these tips! They will definitely come in handy!

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