About us

My name is Denise…but call me Dengue (yeap, like the mosquito)


My name is Denise. I was born and raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Always been a sporty girl but it wasn’t around 2006 that I started surfing, pretty late, I know. I always loved the ocean and almost instantly I became obsessed with surfing. It is my life, all I think about. So while I was in university I worked and was able to start financing my cheeky surf trips. I Went for the first time to Nicaragua and El Salvador (two countries that became sort of like a home for me). Also went for a little surf trip to Jamaica.

But then I finally graduated and with looong months of working and savings I started the trip of my life (yet…). I left home on July 2008 for a backpacking surfing trip. For 10 months I traveled all through Central America (a trip that was supposed to be 6 months): Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua (again), El Salvador (again), Guatemala and Mexico. After Central America I visited my sister where she lives in Seattle, stayed a few months and that was when I got a job in Nicaragua at Chica Brava Surf Camp. So off I went back to the land of offshore winds.


Like all good things, those six amazing months came to an end. Before it ended another amazing opportunity awaited me. Thanks to friends of a friend who are now my dearest friends (see what I did there) I got a job in San Sebastian, Spain, the Basque country. One of the most beautiful places I’ve seen. I worked for a pretty amazing company called Stoke Travel as the “head” surf instructor for their surf camp. I spent 3 months working and surfing through Spain and France. After that I treated myself with a little surf trip to Portugal (had to go to Supertubos, why not right?!) and finished my trip in Oktoberfest! Great 2 ½ years trip! Don’t regret a bit, not even a little.




Hello! I’m Kimberly.


I am a 26 year old tropical islander living abroad. I am originally from Puerto Rico but have been living abroad in different countries for a while now. My feet have been itchy since my first trip out of our very tiny and cozy island (100x 35mi.). I have not been able to stay in one place for more than 3 months (ask my family…it can be a quite annoying for them jaja)



I am currently living in El Salvador where my husband is from. During this time, I have been able to soak up all of what this very unique place has to offer! While living here, I have been able to live out of the “matrix” for a while and really enjoy the simple and priceless things in life. Here, I have been able to surf much more than in any other time in my life! Waves are insanely consistent here! When I am not surfing I am working with young women empowerment projects in coastal communities.

My favorite person in the world is my surf/travel/life/adventure/cooking partner, Aaron! I also love pad thai, spontaneous road trips, ocean photography, small notebooks,  peanut butter, coastlines, unannounced visits, and basically any opportunity to  eat, surf, travel, serve and write!